Understandings of the Power of Peace

They would answer affirmatively the question, is peace in the eye of the beholder? Buddha said “Peace comes from within, do not seek it from without.” The Dalai Lama said, “Wisdom and inner peace must be created by yourself.

Understandings of the Power of Peace

Every hour of every day proves that inadequate solutions for social, political, and personal crises flamed by multifaceted hate singes everyone. Peace cannot be a compromise. Peace visits, and like great escape artists, it vanishes, leaving in its place bewilderment and unquenchable desire for more. Peacelessness is profitable. Industry and governments grow in response to peacelessness. Corporations and cousins fight for a piece of the pie. Blessed must be the peacemakers, they experience only temporary success yet their efforts continue in hope as evidence of things not seen. Peace is the strong cord running through history. Peace ties together every chapter of every book of the Bible. Peace is the subject of every sermon and hymn and is the cause of every war. Peace is so powerful even God works under its influence. Who understands that? Peace will bring this world to its end.

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