Freedom and Tenure in the Academy

Academic Tenure and Academic Freedom . ” Law and Contemporary Problems 53 ( Summer 1990 ) : 325-55 . Brown , Ronald C. “ Tenure Rights in Contractual and Constitutional Context . ” Journal of Law and Education 6 ( 1977 ) : 279-318 .

Freedom and Tenure in the Academy

Van Alstyne presents an "unhurried" historical review of the extent to which academic freedom has been accepted into domestic constitutional law. Two essays deal with the issue of tenure and academic freedom. Ralph S. Brown and Jordan E. Kurland agree that tenure reinforces academic freedom but wonder if there is not a large price to be paid for such a system. In a highly instructive review Matthew Finkin looks at academic tenure and freedom in the light of labor law. Focusing on freedom of artistic expression, Robert O'Neil raises difficult questions about what kinds of art displays taxpayers can be expected to tolerate in the colleges and universities they support. Rodney A. Smolla looks at the ways in which "hate" speech and offensive expression on campuses engage wide First Amendment jurisprudence. Judith Jarvis Thomson examines the vexed issue of selecting - and valuing - individual faculty members or disciplines with regard to ideology. Michael W.

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